High Voltage Engineering

High Voltage Engineering is a monthly academic journal started in 1975. It is supervised by the State Grid Corporation of China, sponsored by the National Center for High Voltage Measurement and the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, and published by the China Electric Power Research Institute. High Voltage Engineering has been the only Chinses academic journal that comprehensively reports the science and technology advances in high-voltage-related researches, and it is indexed by a number of well-known databases and indexes including the Ei Compendex.

High Voltage Engineering has six regular columns, while special issues on hot topics are organized to guide the development of related researches..

1—High-voltage high-power electronics and intelligent power transmission:

High-voltage high-power electronic devices

Flexible AC and DC power transmission

EHV/UHV power transmission

Intercontinental power grid

Super power grid

Power generation and grid connection of clean energy

Large-scale energy storage. 

2-- Electrical insulation and electrical testing

Insulation design and optimization of high-voltage power equipment

High voltage intelligent devices

Insulating material

Insulation coordination

Techniques of high-voltage measurements and tests

3- State evaluation and fault diagnosis of transmission and distribution equipment

Condition monitoring and evaluation

The application of cloud computing and big data

Power information and communication

Protection of lightning, conductor galloping, pollution flashover, forest fire, icing, external mechanic damage, and overvoltage.

4--Discharge plasma and pulsed power

Gas discharge and its mechanism


pulsed power sources and applications

Environmental application

Application of high voltage discharge plasma

5- Electromagnetic environment and electromagnetic biological effects

Electromagnetic compatibility

Engineering electromagnetic field analysis

Electromagnetic biology and medicine.

6- Intelligent urban power grid

Distributed urban power supply

energy storage device and grid connected micro grid

Self-healing control of distribution system

Collaborative scheduling of transmission/distribution networks

Multi-energy complementary intelligent energy management

Interaction between power grid and intelligent power system

Electric power cable; Urban Rail Transit

Electric vehicle charging and discharging device

High Voltage Engineering is your expectation!