East Asia Electric Technology Research Workshop

Since 1988, KERI and CRIEPI hold ‘East Asia Electric Technology Research Workshop’ every year. Then CEPRI bacame a partner of the group in 2003 and TPRI participated in the workshop as an observer in 2009. Each institute hosts the WS in turn annually and exchanges information in electrical field and makes plans how to cooperate on R&D with all participants.

Main Subject

Power Automation and ICT Application

Power System Analysis and Operation

Smart Utilization of Power & Energy

Maintenance and Smart Distribution Network

Testing & Measurement

Renewable Energy and Integration

Materials, New Technologies and Others



2010 WS in Osaka

2011 WS in Taibei

2012 WS in Beijing

2013 WS in Seoul

2014 WS in Yokohama

2015 WS in Taibei

2016 WS in Beijing