As a board member of IERE, CEPRI has been deeply involved in the IERE’s major activities and development path. CEPRI is the first IERE member in China and actively promotes IERE’s influence in China’s power and energy sector:

●As the first member of IERE in China, CEPRI actively promote IERE’s international reach, especially in China. Via our recommendation and promotion efforts, many Chinese companies and institutes joined IERE, such as NARI (SGEPRI), TPRI, etc. In 2002, the 2nd General Meeting & IERE-SP China Forum was hosted by CEPRI in Jinan.

●CEPRI regularly participates in IERE events and activities, including general meeting, forums, workshop as well as the board meeting. CEPRI became a regular member of IERE in 2001, and upgraded to an executive member in 2007. In 2010, CEPRI was unanimously approved as a board member of IERE, and was re-elected for the second term in 2012. In the same year, President of CEPRI, Prof. Guo Jianbo, was elected as the vice chairman of IERE.

●CEPRI has been paying close attention to the development of IERE, contributing our knowledge and expertise to the future strategy, questionnaire on technical focus areas, and supporting new WGs and TLM.

Major involvement includes:

●November 2-4., 2010, the then president of CEPRI, Prof. Zhang Wenliang participated in the 19th IERE Board Meeting and the Hydro-Québec North American Forum, during which CEPRI was elected as a new board member. After the meeting, CEPRI actively supported to set up the IERE R&D WG, and recommended experts to join the WG. 

●November 3, 2011, Vice President of CEPRI, Mr Wang Like, participated in the IIE Latin American Forum and 11th IERE General Meeting.

●November 7-9, 2012, CEPRI participated in the 12th General Meeting and IERE KEPCO Korea Forum, during which the second IERE R&D WG meeting is held.

●November 6, 2012,CEPRI participated in the 23rd IERE Board Meeting, and made presentation on smart grid and renewable power integration.

●January 16-18, 2013, experts of CEPRI participated in the TIS-Asia Meeting 2013 held by MERALCO, and made presentation in key technologies of EV and demonstration projects.

●April 18-23, 2013, CEPRI experts participated in the India Bangalore Workshop and 24th Board Meeting, and made presentation on data-mining for monitoring system of smart substation.

●September 23-25, 2013, President of CEPRI participated in the 25th Board Meeting and the PIESA-IERE African Forum, and discussed on how to improve IERE’s appeal and cooperation mechanism as well s the set-up of TLM.