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Overseas Business

YES! "Experts, Facilities and Experience",these are the precious resources of CEPRI. With full confidence and broad vision, CEPRI has already set the sail of overseas operations and business. On June 7th, 2013, CEPRI and REN co-founded the R& D nester in Portugal. And on behalf of SGCC, CEPRI joined the Dii as a shareholder in December 2013.

--R & D NESTER was jointly funded and established by CEPRI and REN in June 2013, which is the first overseas R & D center of SGCC. CEPRI built and operated the NESTER on behalf of SGCC. NESTER is devoted to the research, development, innovation and demonstration in transport of electricity and system management, the provision of consultancy services and education and training services under of the scoped of these activities, as well as the undertaking of all the related activities and the provision of complementary services, related or ancillary to its company’s object. NESTER has successfully applied for several projects in Europe in the fields of smart grid and renewable energy, and all of them will be finished by the end of 2019. The projects names can be list as follows.

●Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions

●Support to R & D Strategy in the area of SET (Strategic Energy Technology) plan activities in smart grids and energy storage

●Integrated supporting services for the wind power industry

●Flexible coordination of transmission and distribution power grid for large scale new energy sources

●Exploiting ocean’s of data for maritime application

-- Dii GmbH is an enterprise alliance organization. The mission of Dii GmbH is to facilitate the rapid development of utility-scale renewable energy project in MENAT desert areas and to integrate them in the interconnected power systems. Dii GmbH focus on connecting and mobilizing international industry and public forces in the MENAT market, analyzing practical hurdles for renewable energy projects, proposing economic solutions and helping out on a non-for profit basis with GIS services and example pilots in MENAT countries and beyond.

On behalf of SGCC, CEPRI signed an equity transfer agreement with Dii GmbH in December 2013, and become one of the shareholders by way of subscription. CEPRI regularly participated in the general meeting of shareholders and actively participate in relevant business activities. Relevant technical practices and comprehensive advantages of CEPRI was well displayed and promoted through these way, and technology exchange and information sharing was achieved. CEPRI start overseas business in terms of technologies, electric power equipments and consulting and testing services in the fields of HVDC, grid integration of renewable energy and smart grid.