Global Energy Interconnection(GEI)

Global energy interconnection=UHV grid + smart grid + clean energy

The global energy interconnection (“GEI” in short) is a globally interconnected strong and smart grid with UHV grid as the backbone (channel) and clean energy transmission as the priority. It is consisted of intercontinental backbone network, cross-border backbone network and grids at various levels (transmission grids and distribution grids) in each country, interconnecting large energy bases in the North Pole, Equator and in each continent. The Global Energy Outlook is the fundament and standpoint on the global energy sustainability. Its core is to analyze and solve the global energy problems in an international, historic, differentiated and open way. It is believed that the general objective of Global Energy Outlook is sustainable development in the direction of “Two Replacements”. The basic principle is planning and coordination. The trend is to be clean, electrified, networking and smart. The strategic emphasis is to build global energy interconnection.