Society Pays Extensive Attention to the Forum on the IntelliSense Technology of the Internet of Things in Electricity

Recently, the forum on the IntelliSense Technology of the Internet of Things in Electricity with "the Comprehensive IntelliSense, the Internet of Things in Electricity” as the theme was held in Beijing. Nearly a thousand guests from the government authorities, social groups, SGCC, China Southern Power Grid, power companies from various provinces and prefectures (cities), power generation companies, electric power research institutes, colleges and universities, domestic and foreign sensing equipment R&D/manufacturing enterprises, as well as the industrial Internet energy field attended the forum, and the forum attracted wide attention from society. More than 20 media including Xinhua News Agency,, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, and State Grid News reported the forum.

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The forum discussed the significance of comprehensive intelligent perception under the energy Internet, and described the future vision in respect of energy structure change, energy use mode change and energy ecological change. The release of "the IoT in Elctricity Perception Technology Framework and Application Layout" and "Smart Grid User Interface Standard System", as a key step to implement the strategy of "Three Functions and Two Networks", provides strong support for perception and interconnection in terms of technical research, normalization of standards, product development, market orientation and industrial development.

The forum will become an important opportunity to promote the technological innovation of the sensing terminal in the power field and enhance the independent innovation capability of the sensing technology. It will make an appropriate plan for the power intelligent sensing technology and also direct the development needs of the sensing industry chain to promote the integration of Strong & Smart Grid and Internet of Things in Electricity.