The Technical Standard Research Project on the Internet of Things in Electricity was launched

On July 29, "the Research on the Technical Standard System of the Internet of Things in Electricity " as the R&D project of the energy Internet technology research framework led by CEPRI, was held in Chengdu. The project is of great significance for guiding the formulation of the Internet of Things in Electricity technical standards, promoting the cooperation among international standards and the industrial development, and leading the company's standardization of the Internet of Things in Electricity.

As the leading unit, CEPRI introduced the project overview, research content, achievement indicators, organizational structure, milestone plan, project management system, etc., and put forward specific requirements for project execution, division of results, and work mode. The project leaders and representatives of the participating units communicated on research tasks and research plans, and identified key tasks and key nodes.

The meeting emphasized that all participating units should have a deep understanding of the importance of the project, put more emphasis on the project, implement the project research by using Internet thinking, make full use of the five major resources of standard organization, scientific research, application demonstration, industry, and operation and maintenance, strengthen professional collaboration, implement various tasks strictly according to the milestone plan, and at the same time, explore the company's standardized process management model innovation, and gradually build a the Internet of Things in Electricity standard ecological environment, and finally achieve the goal of "availability and ease of use".