The National Science and Technology Support Program “Wind Turbine Test Technology” Project had received the Acceptance of Experts

On July 12, the High-tech Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China organized a project acceptance meeting. The National Science and Technology Support Program “Wind Turbine Testing Technology” led by CEPRI has been checked and accepted. The expert group agreed that the project completed all the research contents as specified in the project initiation notification requirements. The technical and economic indicators have all met the requirements of the project initiation notification.

The Project was approved in 2015 and consisted of two topics: “Key Technology Research and Equipment Development for Offshore Wind Turbine Test and Detection” and “Research on Large Wind Turbine Drive Train Testing Technology”. After three years, the research tasks were successfully completed, and CEPRI led preparing and revising nine national standards. Through independent innovation and joint research, the project team broke through test and detection key technologies of the offshore wind power including power characteristics and mechanical load tests, fault voltage ride through tests and grid adaptability tests, and developed 3 sets of detection devices for those key technologies. A large-capacity offshore wind turbine mobile test and detection capability and evaluation system were established. The team proposed a design integration scheme of 10 MW drive train ground test system with 5-DOF loading capability and established a set of hardware-in-the-loop empirical physical simulation system for 100 kW wind turbine drive train test, providing the technical support for the future development of public test platform for the large-scale wind power drive train.

Based on the project achievements, the first power characteristics and mechanical load test, the first fault voltage ride through test and the first grid adaptability test for offshore wind turbines were completed in Rudong, Jiangsu and in Xinghua Bay, Fujian Testing R&D and detection services could be provided for more than 10 mainstream wind turbine manufacturers covering all large-capacity offshore wind turbines in service in China. The project supports the technological progress and independent innovation of China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry, guarantees the product performance and grid-integration safety of offshore wind turbines, it is significant to ensure the smooth implementation of China's offshore wind power development strategy.