An International Standard Prepared under the Leadership of CEPRI were Approved for Issue

On July 26, it was learned that the international standard IEEE 2030.9-2019 "Recommended Practice for the Planning and Design of the Microgrid", which was developed under the leadership of CEPRI was approved for issue by the Standards Association, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The main contents of the standard include: microgrid planning and design process, microgrid planning, safety, microgrid primary system design, microgrid protection configuration, monitoring and energy management, power quality monitoring and control, energy metering, communication and scheme evaluation, etc. Focusing on factors that should be considered in microgrid planning and design, it provides design methods and recommended practices generation and load forecasting, system architecture, grounding, protection, and information exchange.

The IEEE P2030.9 working group was established in 2015 and chaired by CEPRI. NCEPRI, ABB China, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Sifang Automation, China Southern Power Grid Institute of Science , CEEC, Tianjin University, North China Electric Power University, etc. participated in the standard development.

The release and implementation of this recommended practice are of great significance for promoting the development of renewable energy, standardizing the planning and design of microgrids, and advancing the development and application of microgrid technology.