Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance Summit held in Beijing

From November 21 to 22, the Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance Summit (hereinafter referred to as the Summit) was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. The Summit was hosted by the Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance, organized by CEPRI, State Grid Center of Metrology Co., Ltd. and State Grid Information & Telecommunication Technology Company, and co-organized by China Metrology Association (CMA) and Chinese Society for Measurement (CSM). The Summit was attended by leaders and guests from NDRC, MIIT, China Southern Power Grid, State Power Investment Corporation, National Institute of Metrology and China National Institute of Standardization, as well as 1000-plus delegates from nearly 200 upstream and downstream enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, industrial associations and foreign organizations in the smart metering industry.

Under the theme of “Smart Metering for Future”, the Summit, consisting of policy interpretation, project cooperation, special forums and achievement demonstration, aimed to promote further interaction & collaboration and technological innovation among enterprises, universities, research institutes and users , display technological achievements in the smart metering industry, advance resource sharing, follow changes in policy and industrial trends, meet industrial demands, improve capability of independent innovation, and expand international cooperation, with a view to bringing the smart metering industry to a new level.

The Summit was presided over by Chen Mei, Deputy General Manager (Vice President) of CEPRI. Shi Jun, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee, National Committee of CPPCC, Han Yi, Chief Engineer of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ), Su Shengxin, Deputy Chief Engineer of SGCC, Wang Jianhua, Vice President of China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association, and Guo Jianbo, Chairman (President) of CEPRI and academician of CAE, addressed the Summit respectively. Focusing on topics such as artificial intelligence, smart city, green manufacturing and the Belt and Road, more than 40 keynote speeches were delivered by experts, scholars and business leaders, ranging from the development and distribution of the smart metering industry, the development and application of key technologies related to smart metering, and the development of medium, small and micro businesses.

Seeing this Summit as a great opportunity, the Smart Metering Infrastructure Alliance will work to foster a stronger synergy of resources from the whole society, enhance the capability in technological innovation, step up the R&D of key technologies, improve the standard system, give full play to the advantages of the industrial testing center, push the commercialization of technological achievements, pursue mutual recognition with international organizations, and strive towards higher quality development that is more efficient, equitable and sustainable.

At the sidelines of the Summit, leaders from AQSIQ and SGCC attended the inauguration of the National Smart Grid Metering System Industry Metering Test Center. Its establishment is an important part of AQSIQ’s efforts to implement the national metering development plan and establish a national industry metering test service system. The National Smart Grid Metering System Industry Metering Test Center will study the industry-unique value transfer technology, and the technology for measurement and testing of key parameters in key areas of the industry, develop exclusive measuring and testing equipment, study prospective metering technologies that serve the entire traceability chain, entire life cycle and entire industrial chain of the smart grid metering system industry, and boost the capability building in terms of metering and testing, technological innovation and operation, in a bid to provide technologically advanced and high-quality services to the development of the smart grid metering industry.

Innovation achievements from outstanding smart metering enterprises ranging from smart power utilization, power cloud, automatic meter reading system, smart energy management and multi-meter information acquisition were displayed at the Summit’s 5000-plus sqm achievement exhibition area.

Leaders and relevant personnel from the Administration Office, Science & Technology Department, International Cooperation Department, Consulting Business Department, Safety & Quality Supervision Department, Certification and Accreditation Center, Metrology Department and Journals Center took part in the Summit.