CEPRI President Prof. Guo Jianbo Attended 2017 International Conference on Renewable Energy Development and Technology and High-level Dialogue in Germany

On June 16 (local time), the International Conference on Renewable Energy Development and Technology, hosted by SGCC and IEC and themed “Innovation, Standardization, Cooperation and Connectivity”, kicked off in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 130 participants from relevant international organizations including IEA(International Energy Agency) and IRENA (International Renewable Eenrgy Agency), government agencies, power enterprises, research institutes, universities and manufacturers in 19 countries attended the conference. They shared the achievements and experience in renewable energy development and discussed the problems and challenges in this field, aiming to work out solutions and jointly push forward the green transition of global energy system.

The conference scheduled two high-level dialogue sessions respectively themed “Regulation Policy, Market Mechanism and Development Planning” and “Operation Control and Technology Development”, and three panel sessions respectively themed “Policy and Planning of Renewable Energy”, “Market Mechanism and Regulation of Renewable Energy”, and “Forecasting Dispatching & Operation and Energy Storage of Renewable Energy”. The participants had lively and fruitful discussion on hot issues including the development trend of renewable energy technology, improving the capability of integrating large-scale renewable energy generation as well as the market mechanism.

Dr. Shu Yinbiao, President of SGCC and Vice President of IEC, delivered a keynote speech titled Deepening Cooperation, Embrace Challenges to Promote Sustainable Development of Renewable Energy. CEPRI President Prof. Guo Jianbo was invited to attend the high-level dialogue on “Operation Control and Technology Development”. From the perspective of technology, Prof. Guo elaborated on the challenges and opportunities for and solutions to the traditional power system brought about by the development of renewable energy, in particular wind power and PV power. Focusing on how to realize the successful and sustainable transition of power grid, the high-level dialogue discussed the technical development trend of renewable energy. On the basis of realities in their enterprises, regions and countries, the participants shared their opinions from different perspectives, including technology, standard, cooperation, grid, policy, market and regulation, to explore the way out. Besides, they insisted that technical innovation and policy innovation constitute an important driving force for the sustainable development of renewable energy while the well-developed electric power facilities and a complete standard system play a fundamental role in promoting the development of renewable energy. Moreover, the participation of the whole society and international exchanges and cooperation are also very important to create synergies and solve problems, they added.

At the panel sessions focusing on“Forecasting Dispatching & Operation and Energy Storage of Renewable Energy”, CEPRI experts were invited to present on Wind and PV Power Forecasting technology and Its Application and Research and Prospect of Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Coordinated Operation. Their presentations mainly dealt with the challenges that China is confronted with, the targeted researches carried out and the results achieved in wind power/PV power prediction, as well as the latest development, application value and future prospects of energy storage technology in China.

During this conference, CEPRI President Prof. Guo Jianbo also met with Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board, Siemens AG, Rodrigo Costa, Chairman & CEO of Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN in Portugal), and the responsible leaders of the Germany side in the Sino-German wind power cooperative projects, and paid a site visit to the Berlin-based EUREF Campus.