Power Industry Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Electric Equipment and Instruments

The Power Industry Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Electric Equipment and Instruments ( the “Testing Center”) is a testing agency subordinate to China Electric Power Research Institute, and a state-level authoritative quality inspection institution for electric power system equipments and products, representing the state power industry and directly affiliated to SGCC . The Testing Center has passed the authorization of China Metrology Accreditation, the CNAS laboratory accreditation, the authorization of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine, and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and owns an equitable social status as an independent third party.

The Testing Center is mainly engaged in electric equipment quality testing, type test, product identification, failure analysis, technical training and product quality arbitration. 180 products in twelve categories have been authorized by CMA metrological accreditation testing and CNAS laboratory accreditation testing, covering all parameters. Eight testing stations and two labs are available in the Center, including the transformer and reactor quality inspection station, power cable quality inspection station, transformer quality inspection station, lightning arrester quality inspection station, live working tools and equipment quality inspection station, insulator quality inspection station, low-voltage electrical appliance quality inspection station, high-voltage test equipment and instrument quality inspection station, electromagnetic compatibility lab, and external insulation lab. The detection range covers voltage transformers, current transformers, electric power cables and accessories, lightning arresters, power transformers, reactors, insulators, high-voltage equipment, and electromagnetic compatibility of all voltage levels; as well as prefabricated substation, low voltage switchgear, low-voltage electrical components, electrical fittings, live working tools and equipment, and high-voltage instruments. And an Advisory Committee of Experts was established in which all members are senior experts in specialized fields, to ensure our Center stand in the forefront testing field, constantly enhance technical capabilities and testing level, and become an internationally renowned and domestically leading authoritative laboratory.

Over the years, the Testing Center strictly obeys the SGCC spirit of “In Search of Excellence, In Pursuit of Out-performance” and the quality policy of “scientific and fair, professional and standardized, objective and accurate, and honest service” of CEPRI, actively carries out testing work with strict skills and fine services for power industry and social enterprises; and dedicates itself to constructing an international renowned, professional and complete authoritative laboratory, and a product testing platform which SGCC can rely on.