Technology & Strategy Research Center

The Technology & Strategy Research Center (TSRC) is mainly engaged in fundamental and prospective research, electric power related technical strategy research and advisory services. As a multi-disciplinary and collaborative R&D platform of CERPI on fundamental, prospective and core technologies, TSRC is committed to incubating and developing strategic and emerging technologies and providing stronger support to the SGCC’s effort to implement its strategy on the Global Energy Internet.

TSRC mainly plays the role as brainpower for CEPRI’s medium and long-term development and is responsible for: Making strategic plans, working out multi-disciplinary top-level design, and providing decision-making service and intellectual support for CEPRI’s scientific innovation and development; Engaging in pre-feasibility study on cutting-edge technologies and major scientific issues that are important in promoting and influencing the development of the electric power industry; Putting forward advice for CEPRI’s prospective, fundamental research that needs to be included in the priority of our future planning and for emerging technologies and technical directions that will require key support by our institute in the future; Working on comprehensive and major key generic technologies, and providing integrated solutions. TSRC is currently organizing joint projects to make breakthroughs in the Global Energy Internet, electric power big data and the new generation of smart substations.

Sticking to far-reaching planning, long-term perspectives, a global vision and world-class concepts, TSRC is engaged in exploring scientific and efficient research methods, and providing advanced research solutions and accurate recommendations for making decisions, and supporting CEPRI to become a world-class scientific and technical advisory institute.