Power Distribution Department

The Power Distribution Department (“PDD”) mainly conducts scientific research, technical consultation and service, technical standards formulation and revision, experiment and test in the power distribution field. As the only comprehensive research institution engaged in power distribution and rural area electricity in China, we have been playing an international advanced and domestic leading role in the field of intelligent power distribution technology.

PDD is also the affiliated unit of CIGRE SC C6, CIGRE C6.31 MVDC, IEC SEG 6 Non-conventional Distribution Networks / Microgrids, National Technical Committee on Microgrids and DER Integration of Standardization Administration of China, Technical Committee of Rural Electrification Standardization, CSEE Special Committee of Rural Electric Grid, and the Academic Group of Power Supply  & Utilization Management Automation under the Special Committee of Electric Power Automation. The Department owns the inspection and test center of electric power industry, electric power equipment and instrument quality, the power distribution system and MV-LV apparatus test station, Beijing Key Lab for Energy Saving Distribution Transformer, SGCC Joint Lab of Advanced Distribution Automation and Distribution Network Optimization Control. 

PDD consists of 8 specialized divisions: Distribution network (DN) planning research division, Distribution network operation and control research division, Distribution automation research division, Microgrids research division, Rural electrification research division, Distribution system (DS) lab, Smart distribution sensing and application research division, New technology promotion division, and 2 administration offices.

By the end of the ”12th Five-Year Plan”, the Department has undertook more than 50 research projects of national 973 program, national Sci-technical support project program during the "11th Five-Year Plan", national "863 Program", NSFC, and SGCC key technology research program, and has earned more than 20 national or provincial technology awards. The Department has taken the lead in formulating 4 international standards, 9 national standards, more than 20 power industry standards, and more than 50 SGCC standards.

In terms of specialized technology research, PDD conducts research and development on key technologies such as DN planning, smart DN analysis and self-healing control, DER and microgrids, flexible power distribution, DN condition based maintenance, rural network intellectualization, comprehensive test & simulation of smart distribution, and demonstration project construction of smart distribution and microgrids.

In terms of specialized technology support, PDD provides comprehensive, professional, refined and high-quality technical service and consultation for DN and rural power grid planning & design and operation management. We have been deeply engaged in the smart grid construction of SGCC, DN planning, construction of reliable city power supply demonstration area, power distribution automation, advanced pilot counties of the rural power grid, new village electrification pilot, new round of rural power grid upgrade demonstration counties, etc.

In terms of of comprehensive test capability, the Power Distribution System and MV-LV Apparatus Quality Test Station has CMA and CNAS certifications, and it is also an energy saving test lab certified by CQC, with the ability to conduct comprehensive tests of MV-LV distribution equipment in 10 series under 6 categories, including energy saving distribution transformer, DA master station, smart distribution terminal (box), distribution line fault indicator, EV AC charging spots and LV apparatus.