Metrology Department

The Metrology Department is affiliated with China Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and it is also the main entity of the State Grid Center of Metrology (SGCM). It mainly undertakes businesses covering electric measurement, metrology, security certification and electric data collection. It represents the highest-level metering technology agency of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), and besides, it is also the agency with which the Subcommittee for National High-voltage Metering of Metrology Technical Committee on Electromagnetic, Standardization Committee for Electrical Measurement of the Electric Power Industry, Standardization Committee for Power Supply and Utilization of the Electric Power Industry, the special working group of Electric Industry Code Application technology, and the working group of SGCC Marketing Technology Standardization Committee are affiliated.

The Metrology Department mainly takes charge of the research on and development of national high-voltage high-current reference/standards and the highest-level electric metrology standards in the power system, and also the establishment, maintenance of implementation of metrological value transfer and standards comparison. It conducts metrological verification and metrological technology supervision. It undertakes the metrological technology supervision and assessment management and business guidance of SGCC. It sets up the SGCC metrology management system and relevant safety protection systems. It is responsible for the quality supervision, type evaluation, reliability test and supervision evaluation as well as type selection of electric metering devices, electric data measurement devices and high-voltage measurement devices of SGCC, etc. It is engaged in the test and inspection, diagnosis and evaluation of SGCC metering and electric data acquire systems. It undertakes the on-site inspection and technological supervision of cross-region power grid gateway meters. It instructs provincial power companies on the establishment of key management system. It carries out the management and training of the SGCC metrology standards assessment and laboratory certification and accreditation. And also, it takes on businesses assigned by SGCC and General Administration of National Quality Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine (NQISQ).

It has 14 research laboratories, such as Metrology Standard Test Research Lab, Metrology Device Performance Test Research Lab, Electric Data Collection Devices Testing Research Lab, Metering and Electricity Utilization Safety protection Test Research Lab, Electric Energy Metering Supervision and Technology Research Lab, Metrology Inspection Technology Research Lab, Metrology Technology Supervision and Business Control Research Lab, Metrology Simulation and Component Performance Analysis Lab, High-voltage High Current Standard Laboratory, Transformer Verification and Calibration Laboratory, Transformer Technology Laboratory, Performance Test Laboratory for High-Voltage Metering Products, Standard Laboratory for Insulation Preventive Test and High-voltage Metrology Onsite Research Lab. It is one of the “Four bases & Two centers” of SGCC and also qualified as the Zhongguancun open laboratory.

Adhering to the quality principle of “Fair Conduct, Scientific Methods, Accurate Data and Standard Services”, The Metrology Department will l seriously implement national metering laws and regulations and give full play to its leadership role in the electric industry to explore new test and inspection services and push ahead the nationalization of technical standards for the purpose of emerging as a “domestically leading and internationally renowned” authoritative metering inspection agency.