Relay Protection Department

Established in March 2012, the Relay Protection Department (“RPD”) is mainly engaged the prospective technology research, technical consultation and test & inspection business related to electric power system relay protection, including relay protection principle and algorithm, operation analysis, equipment management, setting configuration, technology supervision, test and detection, as well as research on protection and control technology for new type of power transmission and transformation system and equipment, etc.

RPD consists of Principle and Algorithm (Intelligent Substation Protection Technology) Research Division, Operation and Application Technology Research Division, Dynamic Simulation Technology Division, Inspection and Test Technology Research Division and General Administration Office, with power system dynamic simulation laboratory, relay protection and safety automatic device laboratory and digital simulation laboratory available. It is an important integral part of the State Key Laboratory of Power Grid Safety and Energy Saving,National Engineering Laboratory for Power System Simulation, and Power Transmission & Transformation Technology Sub-center of National Energy Smart Grid R & D (Experimental) Center. It is also the open laboratory of Beijing Zhongguancun, and the affiliated institution of Relay Protection and Safety Automatic Device Quality Inspection Department of the Electric Power Industry Automation Equipment Quality Inspection & Test Center.

RPD now has 52 staffs, who have won 26 provincial science and technology rewards and 23 invention patents. Among them, there are 8 registered engineering supervisor, 3 national lab reviewers, 1 professional talent of State Grid and 2 excellent experts.

On the basis of test and detection, with study of relay protection principle and algorithm as the breakthrough, aiming at improving the core competitiveness of scientific research on relay protection, we will always do our best to provide high quality technical services, and solve the core technical problems in the field of relay protection. We will hold the first defense line of power system security and stability, to ensure a safe and stable power system.