Electric Power Automation Department

The mission of the Electric Power Automation Department (“EPAD”) is to conduct fundamental, prospective and comparative research on major key generic technologies in areas such as power grid dispatching automation, substation automation, electricity market, testing and detection of power automation devices, etc., to develop major systems (equipment) as well as to implement the experimental demonstration projects for the first system (equipment). In carrying out its mission, EPAD provides intensive and thorough technical support, services and consultancy for power grid companies at various levels, studies and sets technical standards, and offers software (equipment) testing, detection and certification services in power automation field. As one of the earliest and renowned organizations engaged in scientific research of power automation theory and practice, it is playing a significant role in the electric power industry in China continuously.

After years of technological development, innovation and accumulation, EPAD, having incubated numerous talents and experts, has been dedicated to facilitating scientific research, advisory, testing and detection, standard setting, etc. in the areas of gird dispatching, substation automation, electricity market and so forth. The Department consists of one General Administration Office and ten research divisions (Platform Technology Research Division, Comprehensive Application Technology Research Division, Power Grid Control Technology Research Division, Power Grid Analysis Technology Research Division, Optimization Dispatching and DTS (Dispatcher Training System) Technology Research Division, Economic Operation and Scheduling Technology Research Division, Power Trading and Management Technology Research Division, Electricity Market Technology Research Division, Substation and Plant Automation Technology Research Division, and Power Automation Detection Technology Research Division).

EPAD owns several research facilities such as the State Key Laboratory of Power Grid Security and Energy Conservation, the National Engineering Laboratory on Power System Simulation and company-owned laboratories for power dispatching automation and electricity market studies. It also has the first two power dispatching research teams in the State Grid Corporation of China: the Science and Technology Research Team of Gird Economical Scheduling and the Science and Technology Research Team of Grid Coordinative and Optimal Dispatching.