High Voltage Department

Established in July 1951, the High Voltage Department (“HVRD”) is one of China's famous high-voltage power transmission and transformation technology research centers, specialized in high voltage technology R&D and test. Focusing on the four professional fields of UHV power transmission and transformation, operation and management of transmission and transformation equipment, intellectualization of electrical circuit primary equipment and environmental protection technology of power grid, HVRD carries out a full range of work involving scientific research, technical services and consultancy, testing and detection, certification and standard setting. It is a professional high voltage research institution possessing world-class UHV research and testing capability.

HVRD consists of 19 secondary institutions, including 14 professional research divisions and 5 administration departments.

HVRD possesses 3 major scientific research and test bases including UHV DC test base, UHV AC test base, and high altitude test base in Tibet as well as 8 laboratories of corporation and above level, and has the complete ability to carry out high voltage test and research for AC 1000kv and DC ±1200kv as well as lower levels. In recent years, part of its research achievements has been transformed into products.

Based on its resource advantages from test bases, HVRD focuses closely on the development of UHV engineering and construction as well as the operation and maintenance of power transmission and transformation equipment. In order to meet the engineering construction and operation needs of the power grid, the Department gives priority to supporting the preliminary design, manufacture supervision and commissioning of UHV project, and provides consultation for the whole operation and maintenance process of power transmission and transformation equipment. It also provides high-quality technical services and consultancy to SGCC headquarters, design institutions and provincial and municipal electric power companies in EHV/UHV power transmission and transformation project construction, planning and design as well as safe operation of power grid.

As the technical support organization of power industry quality inspection center, HVRD has 9 test laboratories which carry out the test technology research and product type test or quality inspection, arbitration inspection, supervision inspection, appraising test, entrusted inspection and so on. As the affiliated institution of 16 national and power industry standardization committees, HVRD takes the lead in working out hundreds of national, industry and corporate technical standards. Leading the national power industrial development in the field of high voltage, the Department possesses strong authority and the right to speak domestically. HVRD is also the affiliated institution of 3 special committees of China Society for Electrical Engineering.

HVRD adheres to the enterprise spirit of SGCC: "In search of excellence; In pursuit of out-performance", and insists on corporation philosophy: "China electric power is our undertaking". We’ve summarized our six "special" spirits through the construction of UHV engineering, which are "special ability to focus on overall situation, special ability to make contributions, special ability to bear difficulties, special ability to carry struggle, special ability to cooperation and special ability to tackle key problems".

In the future, with optimizing talent structure and training outstanding experts as the core tasks, with enhancing the support and guarantee capacity of large construction and maintenance projects as the mainline, HVRD will focus on solving major technical problems of UHV and smart grid, improve the four systems (technical service organization, technical research on major key generic technologies, testing and detection of intensive operation and value-oriented performance management) and raise the three capabilities (technology innovation, support and guarantee and high-end test and detection). Our goal is to strive for being the world class high voltage research institution.