Power System Department

Founded with CEPRI in 1951, Power System Department (PSD) is a renowned professional research unit of power system in the electric industry of China, the sponsoring unit of Power System Committee of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, and the affiliated institution of the National Committee for Short Circuit Current Calculation Standardization.  

The core technologies of PSD include: power system simulation and analysis, power grid security and stability control, power system planning, power system overvoltage and electrical magnetic transient, EHV/UHV AC/DC transmission and transformation technology, and EHV/UHV AC/DC transmission and transformation engineering system commissioning. PSD has played a leading role in the field of power system simulation & modeling and software development, power system simulation analysis and system commissioning. There are 12 professional research divisions in PSD, namely Power System Security & Stability Division, Power System Planning Technology Division, HVDC & Electromagnetic Transient Technology Division, Power Generation Control System & Power Grid Engineering Tests Research Division, New Technology Application Division, Power System Simulation & Analysis Division, System Platform Research Division, Security Evaluation Research Division, Digital and Analog Hybrid Simulation Division, Digital Hybrid Simulation Division, Simulation Software Research Division, and Operational Data Management Division.

Based on the enterprise spirit of SGCC: "In search of excellence; In pursuit of out-performance", and the corporation philosophy: "China electric power is our undertaking", PSD has been working on basic theories of electric power technology as well as original and cutting edge technologies, striving for becoming an international leading research unit and a high-tech enterprise with great competiveness, and aiming to provide quality services to SGCC and the power industry in China!