Human Resources

CEPRI is proud of having a team of high-caliber researchers and other professionals reputed for their contribution to the development and upgrading of China’s electric power industry.

By the end of November 2016, CEPRI had nearly 1,800 permanent employees with direct signing contracts, among whom there are 306 people with doctor degrees and 1, 014 people with master degrees, covering 73.9% of total permanent employees. CEPRI now boasts a permanent staff comprising young, middle-aged and older professionals who are highly qualified for their jobs and are innovative and cooperative in performing their duties. This task force is of great importance to China’s electric power scientific researches as a whole. 

Currently, CEPRI has one CAS academician and six CAE academicians. Thirteen CEPRI employees have won the title of honor “young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution to the nation.” CEPRI also has had four candidates elected to the National Trans-Century Talents Project. 121 experts are entitled to the Government Special Allowance (GSA) by the State Council, six experts are directly contacted by the Central Government, one expert is entitled as the Leading Young and Middle-age Science and Technology Innovation Talent, five experts are entitled as SGCC’s scientific leading talents, 23 experts are entitled as SGCC’s specialized talents, and 47 experts are entitled as the excellent experts of SGCC.